Have you ever felt like saying 'chuck it' and just move to some remote region of Canada and live off the land in peace?


can’t say it’s ever been Canada specifically but yeah i’ve definitely felt like running away to somewhere random. 

not sure i’ve ever said “chuck it” either but i get what you mean aha x 

Getting myself into such a bad state again.
I’m so miserable about pretty much every aspect of my life right now



i miss when i was like 12 and it would be the night before a big field trip or something and i couldnt go to sleep because i was so excited. i miss being so into a book that i would stay up past my bed time reading it. everything seems so bland or something idk. i’m only 19 and everything is so tiring. i miss wanting to be awake

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ph. Lucyna Kolendo
How brave
of your body
to keep breathing
when all you can think about is not.
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